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Exclusive Financial Services Deliver Added Value

Our affiliate, offers a full selection of financial services exclusively to clients of LSA Management, LLC.

Our affiliates solicits proposals from banks and other lenders throughout the United States to provide new financing or refinancing at the most competitive interest rates and terms currently available.

The programs are not mandatory; however, many clients choose to participate because of the added value it delivers based on their global purchasing power.

Lending Services

LSA assists properties in fulfilling their financing requirements with flexibility, certainty and simplicity. The company has facilitated or assisted in loan placements in excess of $600 million for cooperatives and condominium associations. FFI offers:

  • Fixed rates

  • 5, 10, & 15 year term loans

  • Lines of credit converting into fixed rate loans

  • Variable-rate loans converting into fixed rate amortizing loans

  • Flexible prepayment provisions

Reserve Programs

Specially designed for cooperatives and condominiums, designated programs provide above-average interest rates on reserve, capital improvement and escrow accounts.

Lockbox Program

Industry-leading, affordably priced lockbox service programs provide seamless collections for monthly payments, with coupon, paper ACH and online payment options.