Transition with Ease

We recognizes that change is often challenging, however, when you decide to engage Total Management, we pledge to do everything in our professional power to ensure the initial transition period is as seamless and trouble free as possible. 

Through the years our team has developed techniques and processes to transition all documents and protocols in a short period of time.



Total Management will make every effort to establish cooperative communication with your previous managing agent so that all files are complete, and delivered in a timely manner, to assure the greatest possible degree of management continuity and progress.

Upon their arrival at our office, your property’s physical documents and records will be organized into a customized filing system developed for your property. Our transition team will work with you to learn the particular “ins and outs” of your property, and immediately gather all pertinent data into our secure on-line database.

Our 4 Step Transition Process


1. Document checklist

Our team will create a list, customized for your property, of all documents to be turned over which will be approved by the board and submitted to your prior property manager for preparation.


2. Due Diligence

Our Managing Director, Operations Manager and Property Manager will carefully review all documents and records to:

* Secure all legal documents and operational agreements *

* Ensuring no lapses exist in insurance and in other critical contracts *

* Communicate change in management with your current vendors *

* Organize and update resident contact information for use in initial and future resident communications *


3. Accounting and Record Keeping

Our Managing Director will coordinate the transition of all funds from the prior property manager, opens bank accounts if applicable and sends a detailed report to the board treasurer and accountant.


4. Resident Notification:

Total Management NYC will produce and mail to all residents a customized letter introducing ourselves with all of our contact information. Included will be a unit-contact form that residents should fill out and return to our office with the current contact information for all the occupants of their unit. The letter will also include our protocol for all emergencies and maintenance request. This intro letter will help the residents familiarize themselves with Total Management and help everyone transition.

transition Timeline

Our team is ready, willing and able to assist you in a easy and quick transition. An average transition may take between 2-3 weeks based on the size of the building and the level of cooperation of the prior property manager.