Professional Property Management Services

New York City real estate is as dynamic as the people who choose to live and work here. Selecting the right property management company who can navigate the changes and do more than just manage can be a challenge.

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we don't just Manage. we get it done.

Total Management specializes in back-office efficiency and information transparency, and have extensive experience in soup to nuts real estate management. We offer a full range of property management services tailored for investment owners, multi-family operations, leasing management, and Co-op/ Condo management.

We are dedicated to providing our clients and residents with hassle-free service and expert real estate guidance. By understanding our owners' interests and employing proper management of the staff and residents, Total Management has consistently saved our owners countless headaches and financial losses typically caused by wasted time or miscommunication.

Our on-line portal connects our clients, residents, and staff to a clear and accurate back-office recording system that helps them monitor payments, projects, expenses, and upcoming vacancies.

Our closing department will streamline any application collection and approval. Our services have helped landlords maintain low vacancies and turn-overs, and increase returns and overall market value.

Our managed portfolios includes:

  • Co-op associations
  • Condo associations
  • multi-family/townhouse investments
  • mixed-use/commercial investments